August 2016 timetable – evening trains analysis

Please read this updated post showing some extra trains!

Following on from yesterday’s morning train analysis, I took a look at the evening times (1700-1900 from Cannon St or Charing Cross to Dartford) and noticed there were less, so I’ve hastily put this out.

What it shows:

  • In 2014 we had 23 trains to DFD from CST or CHX
  • In the proposal put to us last year there were 21 trains in the draft timetable
  • Logged in the system there are only 17 trains leaving CST or CHX between 1700 and 1900 going to Dartford
  • The routes from both CST and CHX are both varied compared to the current timetable, which means you can get to the Woolwich line stations from CHX during the evening peak
  • Where we had a 10-car 1801 service, the 10-car 1818 service, and the usually full 6-car 1823 service from CHX, there is now a 1758 service (with I guess the 1750 making up for the 1752 service), and an 1816 service. So that’s 26 carriages of trains into a maximum of 24 carriages, most likely 20 as Southeastern are incapable of running many 12-car services.  So that won’t be squashed at all…
  • Peak services from CST have also been reduced, for these services that already very busy, and even the walk to London Bridge won’t fix that with the reduction in CHX services

All in all, we have got yet another raw deal from Southeastern – unless the data fed into the systems is not complete. We can only hope that the final published timetable has some of the omitted trains put back in.


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