August 2016 timetable – morning trains analysis

So thanks to I’ve managed to look at the morning timetable through Dartford and done this quick analysis of:

  • how a similar journey differs compared to the pre-London Bridge works
  • how the published timetable differs from the proposed one that Southeastern put to us last year

The numbers are shown below, but a few highlights are here for those of you who don’t want to examine a spreadsheet in detail:

  • Journey times are typically longer than they were before the London Bridge works
  • Journeys on the Sidcup line that were once around 46 minutes are now around 52 minutes (from Dartford)
  • Journeys on the Bexleyheath line now have around 3 minutes added to them
  • Whilst there have been a few journeys with a minute reduced vs the proposed timetable that Southeastern put forward, many journeys have had additional minutes added

I don’t expect that we’ll see a reduction in journey times once the London Bridge excuse works complete, and that Southeastern will continue their ongoing trainflation, and keep journey times ever increasing so that their ‘performance’ levels can be met.

I may get round to doing the evening analysis on another day…but would expect a similar, sad, picture.


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