PPM posters: A response and apology from Southeastern

This morning I responded to the ongoing email chain about the PPM Period 9 poster, and also escalated…

Within an hour we received this response from Southeastern:

Apologies all,

I thought this had been communicated across the board.

My team give the information to rhe Marketing team to publish. For Period 9 my member of staff copied the correct headline figures and then the Period 8 line of route and service group figures into the file sent to Marketing or possibly did not update the line of route figures at all before sending the file.

As you can imagine this is extremely embarrassing having stated that our figures were correct and I am not happy that we have made this error.

I have supplied the correct figures to our Markering Team who are republishing the posters and I am personally checking that future figures are correcr.

I am grateful that you have pointed out the error in the figures, there were considerable differences in the two and you are correct that there is no way Mainlines suddenly assumes greater importance in our figures from one period to the next without a significant change in timetable.


At last…however it shouldn’t have taken all the posts on this site, continual berating of this on social media, and lots of emails to have got this point.

The numbers were clearly wrong in our first email to Southeastern nearly 2 weeks ago, and were dismissed out of hand without any actual verification.

Our thanks to Southeastern’s ‘Head of Performance’ for responding and providing this update on a Sunday morning!

We will, of course, keep a close eye on the data that is published by Southeastern…

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